How to Preserve the Historical Facts

feature-1Historical Facts are evidences, data or writings that have been compiled from history or recovered from old ruins. Hstorical Facts are the integral evinces that provides the “truth” about what really really transpired during those historical days. Hence, It is very much important to preserve them through these methods. Read More→

The Different Stages of History

feature-3When we say history, the first thing that would come out in our mind are things of the past. It can be few minutes ago, yesterday, last week, years, centuries ago. It is too broad to identify History therefor, experts even from the past era have establish stages of history in order to identify each stages. Read More→

The Importance of History in every Field of Study

feature-2History is important. In hundreds of years past, this statement would have appeared to be plainly obvious. Ancient cultures dedicated much time and push to showing their children family history. It was thought that the past helps a child understand who he is. However, the modern society has turned its back on the past. We live in a period of rapid change, a period of advancement. We like to define ourselves regarding where we are going, not where we originate from. Our ancestors hold no importance for us. They lived in times so unique in relation to our own that they are incapable for revealing insight into our experience. Read More→