How Is It Possible To Beat Online Roulette?

One question that probably any gambler wants to receive an answer to is whether or not it is possible to beat online roulette. The opinions vary. Some articles claim that there is no way one can beat an online roulette because the odds will always be in favor of the house. Others believe that knowledge of statistical probability will help them to outstep the system. Let’s get familiar with some existing strategies that supposedly can help you get ahead in the game.

  • Magic 8

The basic rule behind the magic 8 strategy is that numbers have tendency to be repeated after eight consecutive rounds. Let’s assume we have the following eight numbers coming in a row: 8, 35, 32, 17, 20, 26, 15, 7. After you have these number on hand, wait on for one more round without betting and then bet on 8. The next round bet on 35, then on 32, 17, and so on. It is unlikely that you do not win at least once during the consecutive round. However, if you do not, use the same strategy but with 11 numbers instead. Still, the profit probability is higher with 8-number method, so it is not recommended to start with 11 numbers. If one of the eight numbers comes up, let one round pass without betting and start over.

  •    Martingale Strategy

This strategy is based on changing the amount of money at stake as you are losing or winning. For example, if you place a $2 bet and lose, you have to raise it to $4 next time. If you lose again, go with $8. The likelihood to win is higher with each loss so, maybe on the $16th or $32th bet you will be a lucky winner. Let’s check if we truly win with this approach. -2 – 4 – 8 – 16 + 32 = + 2. Therefore, it does allow us stay positive when playing online roulette.

  •   Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci Strategy allows to reach the break-even point in roulette. The Fibonacci Sequence is the sequences of numbers where each following number is the sum of all preceding ones. Let us consider the imaginary outcomes:

$2 bet on black: lose

$4 bet on black: lose

$6 bet on black: lose

$12 bet: win

With simple calculations, we see that the method really works: -2 -4 – 6 + 12 = 0.

These are by far the most popular strategies to help you stay in the game with no losses. Nevertheless, big wins are not guaranteed, either. As it has been previously mentioned, the odds are always in favor of the house. Another not to thing is not to pay money for dubious software that can supposedly beat online roulette. Such software is useless and you will simply waste you time and money trying to win something. In the worst case scenario, you will even lose more money or will get banned on online roulette websites.

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