Online Casinos VS Mobile Gaming Apps – What to Choose

According the Research and Market data, online gambling market generated about $37 billion in 2014. The revenue comes from online casino sites and casino games apps in almost an equal proportion. The convenience of mobile apps supersedes that of online casinos that can only be accessed from PCs or laptops. Mobile gaming apps allow users to gamble using mobile data without being tied to their place of living or working. The growing popularity of casino gaming applications can be explained by the following:

  • Increasing number of smartphone users.
  • The increasing size of mobile gaming app market.
  • Smartphones are getting cheaper in price.
  • Increasing device capacity and gaming app’s quality.
  • Diverse monetization models within the apps.

With this in mind, there is nothing that allows considering mobile gaming apps as inferior alternatives to online casinos. On the contrary, it is a comparatively new market that is only growing and developing.

Mobile Online Casino New Zealand

In New Zealand, mobile gaming apps for gambling are on the peak of popularity. Both IOS and Android platforms offer a variety of applications for gambling. It is easy to choose the app with good reputation based on users’ reviews right below the download button. There are more things to pay attention to:

  1. Banking methods. Most apps have a post-download monetizing, which means you have time to try the app and only then pay for it or deposit funds. The most common banking methods include credit and debit cards, e-banking, intermediary processors such as Paypal and others. Make sure you set up deposit and withdrawal methods to avoid delays with funds transfer in the future.
  2. Choosing the legal version of the casino gaming app is crucial. The best way to ensure it is downloading it from your platforms and paying the fee. Avoid free downloads of the apps from the Internet.
  3. Gaming apps where you deposit or withdraw funds require personal and banking information. Thus, it is in your interests to keep it protected by using stable connection only. Wi-Fi in KFC or other public spots with free wifi won’t do. You have to either use your home wifi or mobile data.

It goes without saying that sharing account information of online casino app is prohibited. Do not give your account info to another person and keep it logged in on your device only. Using other devices and failing to log out may result in someone else stealing your money or leading you to great losses in the game.

Casino mobile gaming apps are still not as developed as their PC counterparts. Yet, it does go with certain advantages for mobile users. Firstly, you can download and try the app out for free. Secondly, some app developers give bonuses to new users who serve as app testers. While online casinos are a conventional solution for gamblers, mobile apps come with greater game diversity and win opportunities. At the same time, gaming apps are not risky if you stick to the elementary rules of online privacy protection.

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